A downloadable finale for Windows and macOS

Exploration of time travel and combat - the classic fight from the finale sequence of Half-Life 3! Board the Borealis and take down the combine through space and time, and use your past to stop the future.

Oh, and if you are expecting anything other than time travel and combat, you will be sorely disappointed. That is the ONLY thing in this game. It's 5min of combat against YOUR ENEMIES AND THEIR GHOSTS

Credits: Everything is stolen. Like, I don't think there's one original piece of art here. Zero monetizable opportunity - but shoutout to all the artists on Garry's mod makin cool Borealis models and Valve for doing an excellent job with all the HL2 assets. Made as a tribute, intended to be transformative and not for commercial use. Special thanks also though to Laura Michet for running the jam and Heather Flowers/Rachel Sala/Brendon Chung for inspiring/awesome entries!

Blatant plug: But what if everything wasn't stolen??? I made this cause I'm also making a game where your terrible boss keeps forgetting things and sending you back in time, but if you get seen (!!!) it's a universe collapsing time paradox! So it's a stealth game. Against you. From the past. You can check it out (it's called Scope Creep) riiiiight over here: http://twitter.com/scopecreepgame

Published Nov 01, 2017
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagsepistle3, epistle3jam, half-life, half-life-3
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Might require a beefy rig. My minspec VR setup (i5 and 970) slows a little sometimes with this!


Aboard the Borealis (Win).zip 29 MB
Aboard the Borealis (Mac).zip 34 MB


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